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Allied Payment Network is an industry-leading provider of emerging bill pay technologies to the financial services and retail industries. With its award-winning solution, Picture Pay®, Allied pioneered the first mobile photo bill pay application for smartphones and has brought the same level of innovation to its full suite of online and mobile bill pay channels including solutions for internet bill pay, small business payments, over-the-counter payments and online loan payments, among others. Allied’s goal is to make the bill paying process easier and more convenient for consumers, and more efficient and cost effective for the financial institutions who serve them.


Picture Pay® - Mobile Bill Pay


  • Allied’s Picture Pay mobile photo bill pay solution enables financial institutions’ customers to pay any bill by simply taking a picture of the bill with their smartphone.
  • Picture Pay drives bill pay adoption in a cost-effective way using a simple yet advanced technology that customers already appreciate and trust – taking pictures with their smartphone.
  • Picture Pay streamlines the payment process by identifying and automating payee set-up, removing the biggest barrier to bill pay adoption – the hassle of entering the payee and account information online. Furthermore, Picture Pay replaces the keyboard by completing the data entry for the user.
  • Picture Pay provides users with the option to expedite payments for a small convenience fee, which eliminates more expensive late fees for customers and generates additional fee revenue for the institution. Picture Pay users also tend to have higher account balances than non-bill pay users.


FlexPay - Internet Bill Pay


  • Allied’s FlexPay internet bill pay solution revolutionizes bill pay pricing by offering financial institutions a transaction-based pricing model, ultimately freeing institutions from having to pay for customers who are not using the service.
  • Most internet bill pay platforms operate on a per-user cost structure, which can run between $4 - $5 per month/per user, regardless of how many payments are made by the user. With Allied’s FlexPay, the institution is only charged when a user makes a payment.
  • With FlexPay, automatic enrollment in bill pay becomes a viable reality, which opens up the door for more customers to give bill pay a try. By eliminating the enrollment process, institutions no longer have to go through the hassle of turning off non-active users.
  • FlexPay seamlessly integrates within any online banking platform to match the look and feel of the institutions’ existing website, providing bank customers and credit union members with greater continuity in their online banking experience, and users also have the ability to choose from a variety of available user interface formats to match their individual preferences.
  • FlexPay easily integrates with Picture Pay – when a FlexPay user makes a bill payment via Picture Pay, that payment history is also tracked within the FlexPay platform along with a photo of the bill, enabling customers and members to easily keep a digital record of both online and mobile bill payments.


BizPay - Small Business Suite


  • Allied’s BizPay small business payments solution enables financial institutions to more aggressively pursue small business banking relationships.
  • BizPay enables small businesses to make bill payments, send payroll to their employees electronically and perform transfers to an external account, as well as send electronic invoices to their clients via email. Users can also leverage BizPay to create a digital file cabinet of their bills.
  • Small businesses are one of the most underserved segments of the banking industry, but they are more willing to pay fees for convenience and added services. Offering BizPay can transform an institution’s services for small businesses, ultimately leading to increased revenue and more satisfied small business customers.
  • BizPay leverages a “good funds” model. In this model, there is no ACH risk exposure to the institution – customers can send electronic payments with guaranteed funds, eliminating the ACH risk.


PortalPay - Web Loan Payments


  • Allied’s PortalPay online loan payments solutions enables customers/members to make a loan payment to the financial institution from their internal or external accounts via the institution’s website.
  • PortalPay operates as a landing page within the institution’s website. The user simply enters their contact information, bank account information, loan number and payment amount.
  • PortalPay further extends institutions’ web reach and can support customer/member acquisition by enabling loan payments from non-customers/members.
  • PortalPay may also be utilized by internal departments such as Collections, Customer Service, and Loan Servicing as a convenient method to collect payments from internal and/or external accounts.


TellerPay - Over the Counter Bill Pay


  • Allied’s TellerPay walk-up payments solution enables financial institutions to easily accept and process customers’ over-the-counter bill payments in the branch.
  • TellerPay drives the value of the branch by enabling customers to manage more personal finance business through a single location, rather than paying their bills at the providers’ offices.
  • TellerPay seamlessly integrates with the institution’s intranet, driving branch efficiencies by enabling tellers to instantly process the payment at the counter.


Mobile Deposit – Remote Deposit Capture


  • Allied’s Mobile Deposit - Remote Deposit Capture product is available to mobile banking providers to add into their product suite that they provide for financial institutions. Mobile Deposit is available to mobile providers for easy integration either by calling Allied’s web services or Allied’s HTML5 web page.
  • Mobile Deposit conveniently allows end-users to deposit checks they receive simply by taking a picture of the checks. Allied’s RDC process takes it from there – clearing the checks through the banking settlement network and depositing the funds into the end-user’s account.
  • With Mobile Deposit, financial institutions are able to control their risk as they have the option to review deposits prior to posting via Allied’s FI Admin system.


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